How to Uninstall Pre-Installed System Apps in Android

When it comes to phone everyone stands for Android. We see every android phone comes with some pre installed applications. These are system apps and you need to root your phone to uninstall them. Android is basically an operating system which is owned by Google. Android phones are very easy to use and interference is awesome. After uninstalling system apps you will surely fell boost in performance and also you will get free space in your phone.

Not everyone knows about root and rooted phone. Everyone is not genius like me 😛 and it is my moral duty to make everyone understand about root. Normal phones are non-rooted and you have to root it yourself. After rooting any android device you are able to perform many functions which you could not perform earlier. Like you can upgrade or downgrade your android version. You can even make changes to system files. Their are both advantages and disadvantages in rotting android phone. I will recommend you not to root your phone as it can cause harm to it which will result in losing your mobile forever.

How to Uninstall System App
How to Uninstall System App

What are System Apps?

Whenever we buy any new phone it comes with many application already installed within it. Some of them are necessary for your phone and some are useless. Many mobile phone companies like micromax and samsung gives some apps like hike messenger, twitter already installed in them. Not everyone uses them and for those people these are useless. If you are one of them then you are searching methods to Uninstall System Apps in Android.

No one even like pre-installed applications, they prefer to download better app to perform same function. To make it easy to understand takeDefault Browser” as example. I have never seen anyone using it and why will anyone use it when he have option to switch to google chrome or UC Browser. These system apps not only make your phone works slow also they occupy space in your phone.

Requirements :-

  • Download Debloater from here.
  • Android version needed to be least 4.4 or 5 for greater stability.
  • Ensure you have empowered all sort of USB troubleshooting on your Android Phone.
  • You ought to have USB troubleshooting drivers on your android phone.

How to Enable USB debugging in Android

How to Enable USB debugging in Android
How to Enable USB debugging in Android
  • Get your Android Phone out of your pocket.
  • Presently, visit settings => About Phone.
  • Look down and tap on Builder number 6 to 7 times.
  • Presently, return to home screen.
  • Once more, tap on settings.
  • Presently, look down beneath and you will discover Developer alternatives.
  • Tap on Developer choices.
  • Presently, empower USB investigating mode in Android.

Steps to Follow :-

  1. Download Debloater on your PC/Laptop.
  2. Download ADB driver for your Android portable on PC.
  3. Presently, interface your Android gadget with PC/laptop.Click on promotion Device Packages on Debloater on your PC-Laptop
  4. Tap on advertisement Device Packages and after that, Read Device Packages.
  5. You will see your Android telephone is associated through USB.Click on Read Device Packages on Debloater on your PC-Laptop.
  6. You can see all the framework applications on your Android gadget.
  7. Simply tap on the application and you can totally erase/uninstall an application from your Android gadget.

While using this software you must be very careful. Only Uninstall application like calendar, defult browser, google play etc. If you uninstall any system app like frame work or any other than it may cause danger for you. Your phone is no more in warranty once you root it which means you can even lose your mobile phone.

Final Words :-

So guys that’s was all i need to cover in this article. I hope now you will not face problem of insufficient space in your phone. We have talked about How to Uninstall System Apps in Android Phone in this article. I have explained everything in easiest way i could. If you still face some issues than fell free to discuss in the comment section below.

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