How to Block BTC Mining On Your Browser

Now a days lots of hackers are showing their interest in bitcoin mining. BTC Mining Malware are being developed and spread among users via various methods. First of all it is necessary to tell you everything about BTC Mining Malware. It is not that type of virus which steals your personal data and passwords. These are specifically created only for the purpose of bitcoin mining. These viruses are designed in such a.way that your device is used for solving algorithm problems for which hackers are paid in btc.

Whats is Bitcoin Mining?

Its ia the process in which high level difficult mathematical equation or algorithm problems are solved by machines to proceed transactions between users. In this process new bitcoins are produced and a little amount of them are credited in the account of person who owns that machine. This process is necessary to verify the transactions so they can be shown on ledger on block chain so they can be seen later in past transactions.

Stop Bitcoin Mining Scripts on Browser

If you want to start mining bitcoin than you have to invest lots of money to buy bitcoin miners, I don’t know much about it but yes they consists of lots of G.P.U which are many times power than normal C.P.U and air conditioners to keep all those machines cool. If you are interested in it than yoi can Google about it,  you will many articles about it their.

Hackers have found a way to do bitcoin mining and that too without spending even a single peeny. Isn’t it sound awesome? Of course yes, we are not going to tell you about this in tjos article but it’s necessary to give you idea about it. Basically hackers create a Malware or Virus which use victims device for solving algorithm problems and it’s same as doing is with miners but in very small amount. But hackers spread these viruses and get lots of victims. Some of hackers earn 100X that we can earn for 1 bitcoin miner.

Block Cryptocurrency Mining on your Computer PC

These malware don’t harm your computer or data, but they will surely consume you data and also they will make you PC slow as most of your RAM and Graphics will be busy in solving algorithm problems. Their are two types of bitcoin mining malwares. Most of the hacker use malware which basically needs brower to work. This type of malware is more profitable than the usual ones. So this article we will be focusing on How can You Block Cryptocurrency Miners on Your Browser permanently. I will be trying to provide all methods and at least will sure work for you.

So now without wasting much time lets move ahead reveal the methods. But wait before that, firstly we need to check and confirm if really their is some malware installed on your browser. Don’t worry its very short process and will hardly take few minutes.

#Test You Browser

Firstly it’s very necessary to check it, so if their is any mimer installed in your pc if not their than you will not have to waste your time. Their is an online tool available which will help you checkout your web browser. Just search on google for “Cryptojacking test” and open first website. This website will scan for any hidden crypto mining script running on your browser.

  • Open the website on your web browser (Chrome or any other) and you will find a Run button on front page of website click on it.
  • After that scanning process whill began, this tool will check for all hidden harmful scripts installed on your browser.
  • After Scan completes, results will displayed on your screen.

If their is no mining script installed on your browser than you don’t need to follow steps provided below.

Stop Bitcoin Mining Scripts on Your Browser

If their are some cryotocrrency mining hidden scripts are found on your browser than its very necessary to block them. We are providing here many methods by with you can do it.

Using NoScripts

This tool is only available for firefox users. Developers have not shown their interest in developing it for other web browsers. NoScripts is so powerful that it detects and block all crypto mining scripts on your browser.

Using Ad Blocker

Block Bitcoin Mining Scripts via Ad Blocker
Block Bitcoin Mining Scripts via Ad Blocker

In today’s world many extensions have been developed, one of them is Ad Blocker. You may be wondering how an Ad Blocker tool can stop BTC mining Malwares. You don’t have to waste your precious time in thinking about that. Just follow these steps, you will also get idea about it’s functioning.

  1. Install Ad Block Extension
  2. After that right click on it’s icon and go to customise
  3. Select block an Ad by its URL
  4. Now add the following URL –
  5. That’s all you have now successfully blocked all miners.

Using No Coin Extension

Block Bitcoin Mining Scripts
Block Bitcoin Mining Scripts

This is the best tool ever developed for protecting you from hackers. This extension don’t allow any website to intersect with your browser. When ever any websites try to install bitcoin miner silently on your browser, it automatically blacklist that website.

Final Words:

So these were Top 3 Methods which can be used to deny hackers from making you victim. I hope you have really loved visiting my website. If you have any suggestion or you are facing any problem then feel free to comment below.

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