How to Bypass Online Surveys & Download Files Directly 2018

On internet their are many websites which provides you thousands of costly games and apps for free. But as soon as we click on download button we are redirected to a page where you need to complete any one survey in order to download their file. Your file is locked with survey and its nearly impossible to complete them. If somehow you get success in completing your survey download starts. Sometimes they keep on giving surveys one after the other. Sometimes pop up open window open which makeup device slow and they are really 😒 irritating. So today in this article I am going to provide you the best method by which you can bypass online surveys and download your file directly for free.

Many times it happens that you are trying to download a file form a long period time. But this service never complete even if you have done all formalities. To help out all those people we are here with full guide which will help them to bypass online surveys from various sites like Fileice, DollarUpload, Shrinkonce, DreamCash etc. So from now onwards you can download files even without completing surveys. Sites which provides paid apps or softwares for free usually lock file download with survey. So that they can get money which they have spent one buying it. The motive of bypassing online service is not only to download your desired file. You may have seen main service ask that visitors to fill their personal details like personal number and email address. Website administrator is paid very high when someone download any file.

How to Bypass Survey
How to Bypass Survey

The surveys provider companies later sell our personal data to various companies so they can do marketing. Slowly they start to span my calling and emailing you again and again. Now lets move ahead toward our topic How to Bypass Online Surveys in 2018. There are numerous of ways by which you can bypass surveys but today I am going to provide you some methods by which you can successfully bypass all website’s survey. Many people have tried to contact with me so that I can provide them any trick to bypass online surveys. Finally after doing long research I have found some methods by which you can skip the survey and download your file within few seconds. Online survey websites great time consumer and very annoying.

How to Bypass Online Surveys for FREE

There are many websites this helps you to bypass surveys online without downloading any software. Just enter the URL and it takes you directly to download page. One of those website is This website will help you to bypass survey from many popular websites. This website works for Limited number of websites. But you must try because it is simplest way to bypass survey. When surveys were introduced their main motive was to get feedback from users. But nowadays everything is changed, some websites have taken it as business.

Method 1 :- Bypass Survey by Editing the Source code

This is a very simple method but some restrictions. This method work for only those websites where suddenly popup window open which is filled with number of surveys. We have to edit source code of that webpage so that so that you can bypass survey. Just right click on the web page and then on inspect element. Remember I will recommend you to used Google Chrome web browser.
Now lots of coding will appear in front of you. Don’t worry you just have to eliminate the code which is usually in html or CSS language. Which will automatically close down the popup window. We cannot provide the exact code which need to remove as it is very slow website to website.
But always remember that will contain any one word from them – overlay or fancy_box. So it is not that much hard to find and remove them.

Method 2 :- Bypass Online Surveys by Disabling JavaScript

There are lots of websites which are based on Javascript. If the popup is caused by JavaScript code then you can bypass this type of service by this method.
Just go to setting and search for JavaScript and click on Do not allow JavaScript option. Disabling the JavaScript will not allow popup to come up and he will be directly taken to download page.

Method 3 :- Bypass Surveys using Chrome Extension

If none of the method mentioned above works for you, then give a try to this Google Chrome extension which will do your work. This extension can be easily download from Google chrome Webstore. Here is the download link to the extension.

After installing this google chrome extension it will automatically disallowed survey’s popup to appear in your browser.  Your browser is now like an avenger it can bypass all surveys easily.

Final Words :-

So these were few methods which allow you to bypass any online survey. I hope you have even enjoyed it, I am sure now your many problems are solved you can download survey locked files without even completing survey. All these methods are personally tested by me, so you don’t have to worry abut anything. If you still face any problem then fell free to tell me in the comment section below. Share it with your friends through social media websites. I will add few more methods as soon as i get success in finding them.

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